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As a non for profit there are so many areas that we need support on. Obviously, the biggest issue any non profit faces is funding and product. No organisation can run on air and to be able to keep Support The Girls Australia functioning and operating takes funding. Our focus for 2021 is to build the infrastructure of Support The Girls Australia as per our charter. To do this, we need your finacial assistance. COVID-19 has had an impact across the globe and certainly set us back from a fiscal perspective.

Our big drive for 2021 is to reach far more remote communities. Thanks to a successful grant we have our Outreach Van that permits us to facilitate our Outreach Project but it takes funding to take teams to these communities. We need to cover fuel expenses not only for the van but to cover the cost of our wonderful volunteers travel and accommodation. To host an Outreach event in rural communities costs us in the region of $2000-$2500 if the location is within a 4-6 hour driving window. So this is going to be our big focus for funding this year.

With your support we can also create the much needed social enterprise facilities required to help empower women. We want to assist women to function independently but also become a valued community member with skills. We also want to increase the assistance to those eldery and vulnerable people that do not have the capacity to go into independent living but still need support with bras and underwear to provide them with a sense of dignity.

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